The Chiles Academy… named in honor of former Florida Governor, Lawton Chiles who believed in improving the lives of all children. We serve any pregnant or parenting teen in Volusia county from grades 6 through 12. You can bring your baby from two weeks to four years old. We offer a specialized computer based curriculum, parenting classes, and on-site child care. We are an Early Head Start provider for child care for 0-3 years in Volusia County. Volusia County school buses will pick you and your baby up in the morning and take you home after school.

The mission of The Chiles Academy is to combine a community of support and guidance for pregnant and parenting students with the goal of attaining a high school diploma, which will empower them to become independent and responsible citizens.

Pregnant and parenting students are unique within the realm of dropout prevention. Our philosophy is, that in order to achieve the goal of attaining a high school diploma, this population must have most, if not all the following:

• Consistent, accurate, and non-judgmental communication from caring adults

• A nurturing relationship with an adult

• The opportunity to do something well and recognition for efforts made

• Focus on the person (not sexuality)

• A chance to contribute to the community

• The opportunity to work, pursue education, values in life, and strong beliefs

• Help for any kind of abuse, be it neglect, emotional, or physical abuse

• The benefits of abstinence, and postponement of pregnancy

• Allow adolescents to think of their lives in terms of achievement as opposed to just being mothers

• The ability to solve problems, communicate feelings, and negotiate with learned skills