Our Vision

We stand with young mothers.


I am so grateful to serve as one of the leaders of this amazing place. It is my honor to get to show up every day to stand for these young women and all the power and potential they bring. In the students coming to school each and every day, in the former students that return to ask for help or to share their victories, I see hopeful faces. I see all the promise of a better tomorrow and the glow of hard work paying off. And it is beautiful. But with great promise, there’s always some risk.

So let’s acknowledge the risk that our students take each and every day: the risk to dream. To dream of doing something new, something else, something bigger than she can see around her. Our students come to school propelled by dreams that they might not even want to say out loud.

The dream of what? Graduating high school, maybe graduating college, putting her children through college, saving lives as a doctor or a nurse, owning her own salon, leading her own community. It never matters how small it starts; small dreams can lead to big dreams and all of them can be just as scary as they are inspiring.

It’s risky to dream. It’s a risk to try something new. To try something no one you know has done before, something you aren’t 100% sure you can even pull off. Here, at this school, we casually, as if it’s no big deal, ask and nag and push and nudge our students into that risk every single day.



To our students, I say: trust us, we know how exhausting we are. But also trust that we ask you to take the risk because we know a secret that you might not have figured out yet. Feeling afraid of doing something, feeling fear of what might happen if you try, feeling like you are at risk of failing, feeling vulnerable, isn’t your weakness. It’s your superpower.

Feeling afraid of it and then doing it anyway is your superpower.

And your powers have been activated earlier than most because you are all mothers. Every mother knows what it feels like to be scared and move forward despite that fear, push past it because she has access to a well greater than herself. And that power can change whole worlds.

We come to school each day hoping to reveal your secret power that will push you through all the hard stuff whenever you need it. We show up together to make sure you are pointed toward the loudest, craziest, biggest dream you can think of…

We acknowledge that you will most likely be afraid. And we will encourage you to do it anyway.

We believe in you. Let’s get to work.

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Abby Barrett Ferguson, MA
Principal, Executive Director

Small class sizes and individualized attention makes a real impact with students from a variety of learning backgrounds.

Small class sizes and individualized attention makes a real impact with students from a variety of learning backgrounds.