Academic Program

A solid education is a critical component of any young woman’s future.


Online & Project-Based Curriculum
Students work together to complete their coursework online and promote project-based learning


Our Unique Program

We offer a unique hybrid learning model. Core academic classes are offered online through the Edgenuity platform used throughout the district. Original high school credit can be earned for a standard high school diploma. In our Online Learning Lab, FL DOE certified teachers monitor and assist students throughout the day, often remediating lessons in the coursework based on students’ ability and academic needs.

We serve students with IEP's, ESOL services are available as needed, and students participate in all state-mandated testing. We offer SAT and ACT and PERT prep coursework on premises.

Students will also take “live taught” classes based on innovative curriculum developed by teachers and practitioners, including the following courses:

SPeech & Debate Team

Creative Writing

Know Your RIghts: Constitutional Law

Every student must enroll in a parenting class while they are at The Chiles Academy.

Parenting classes include:

Child Development
Family Dynamics
Health for Expectant Parents
Life Management Skills
Parenting 1 & 2
Parenting Skills
Personal, Social & Family Relationships


We have implemented a program called Career Connections* to help us improve attendance, academics, and attitude. This program allows students to get a taste of real life by running businesses, earning wages, and paying bills and taxes.

We are always on the lookout for interested community volunteers and family members to help. If you have a unique business skill or just want to lend a hand, call us and ask how you can volunteer at our school.

*Career Connection is a self-designed program based on our grant of over 10 years with the MicroSociety program

Dress Code Policy

We keep and enforce a daily dress code at The Chiles Academy. Dress code is an important indicator of a student’s readiness to be present and to learn. There is a difference between walking through the school doors focused and prepared and simply “showing up” to school—what you wear can reinforce that difference.

The Chiles Academy accepts all approved uniforms from any Volusia County high school or middle school.

  • Solid color, collared polo-style shirt, or oxford-style button down shirt; or solid polo-style dresses (short or long sleeved, small logo acceptable)

  • Solid navy blue, black and tan pants, shorts, capris, skorts or jumper, including black and blue denim (small logo acceptable). No holes or tears.

  • TCA blue t-shirts may be purchased in the front office for $7 and worn instead of polo-styled shirts


We Are Enrolling

Students who are interested in enrolling can come in any time after July 15, M - F from 8 AM to 1 PM. Call us at 386-322-6102 if you have any questions.

The academic year begins on Monday, August 12th. Be here at 8 AM in uniform and come to the front office and check in! Please make sure you have any updated physicals and shot records for your children. We look forward to seeing everyone!


Withdrawal form or transcripts
Proof of pregnancy OR baby's birth certificate
Proof of address (phone bill, light bill, etc.)
Social Security card
If under 18, bring a parent or legal guardian


Certified birth certificate
Florida Physical Exam Form DH3040 (yellow paper)
Florida Immunization Record DH680 (blue paper)


Baby's certified birth certificate
Baby's Social Security card
Physical Exam Form DH3040
Immunization Record DH680 (if baby is over 8 weeks).