You can contribute directly to our success.

Directly support the work of the school by giving to the operating budget. We cover 98% of our expenses by state funding and often with a razor-thin operational margin. Want to see more programs affect more mothers and babies? Give unrestricted funds today.


Student Support


All of our students need support in some way to raise their families. Our culture empowers young mothers to secure the most successful future possible for her children while offering as much scaffolding as we can on the way. We hold her up while she builds her life to sustain her. You can give to our Student Support Services which will be used to help our students navigate complex health and wellness systems, provide referrals to state and local agencies, and staffing for counseling and mental health needs.

Diaper Program


Help us get diapers to families in need! The Chiles Academy is partnering with to help get diapers to the  1 in 3 families that can’t afford them.

 Learn more about the program and Give a Pack of diapers today.

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Through community support and work with the Bonner Chiles Foundation, we have been able to offer $20,000 in scholarship funds in recent years. Some scholarships are designed with student need in mind, so not only can they be made available to pay for college tuition and fees, funds can go towards living expenses, transportation costs, child care fees and any other life expense that often prevent young mothers from completing their journey into and through higher education. Give to the scholarship fund in your own name to help a student secure her future.

Our historic site


The Bonner Elementary School site is located in the Midtown neighborhood in the heart of Daytona Beach, FL. The once-segregated school was built in 1926 and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. This building has always played an important role in the predominantly African-American community and continues to do so today. The Chiles Academy operates here, including an Early Head Start child care program that offers free child care to community children, and has partnered with other area programs and schools to share the facility. Give to the capital campaign today to help keep the important site alive and vibrant.